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Beate Schueppel

Believe in something larger than yourself

Barbara Busch

Mirko Schueppel

BIM Results - Business Impact Management has been created with the approach to deliver results: Develop ideas and implement them!

Mirko has been CFO with Siemens for 27 years in various executive finance positions and developed first-hand experience in all finance topics, applied in the multinational blue chip organization of Siemens.


Mirko is a visionary entrepreneur who wants to drive change to foster results. He can inspire a team to achieve new levels of performance.


The concept of BIM Results is to develop ideas and solutions and help the team to get there. Its about to help to enable an organization to master the challenges for the future to get better.


BIM results can provide workshops, develop analysis, concepts & solutions and execute the implementation.


Due to his dual citizenship BIM Results can work in the US and all countries of the EU.

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